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  • Made in Brunel: Blueprints | Kirsty Patterson Portfolio

    Home Portfolio CV Contact Search More Made in Brunel : Blueprints I was Branding Manager for Made in Brunel during my final year of my degree. It was an honour to take on the role and produce the image of the year's sub brand. ​ Select an area below to find out more. Design Tags: Graphics | Branding Core Brand Merchandise Final Showcase Final Year Book

  • OneSnap | Kirsty Patterson Portfolio

    OneSnap The brief set, by pladis Global, was to design a new biscuit product and packaging for 16-24 year olds to socially connect and engage in making memorable experiences. Home Portfolio CV Contact Search More Develop I was originally inspired by Slide Cube Projectors as an interesting way to dispense biscuits and cues for conversation. However, it was during a brainstorm that it clicked: how about looking through the biscuit? ​ Once this was decided as the critical interaction, the key was to use as little design as possible. The packaging needed to be designed as a device to explain the biscuit’s stand-out attribute, therefore a window was added to the front and back. Evaluation At the end of the project, it was selected and presented to pladis representatives. Feedback from them can be seen right. ​ This was great experience in developing a product in collaboration with the client. ​ ​ “Really different and clever and can picture it all over insta” “The user centricity and how holistically the idea was considered [sparked my interest]” Design Tags: Packaging | CAD | Prototyping Define I conducted research to see if retro technology would connect with the target age group. Clothing, advertisements and products are all recalling past fashions with success. The deemed ‘soulless’ digital media means nostalgia humanises a brand and brings a smile to the user. Therefore would be appropriate to apply. Discover One of the causes of childhood obesity is oversnacking. Most young people do it to satisfy hunger, others to cheer themselves up. However, fewer hormones are released that make you hungry if you are generally well and happy. Therefore the design opportunity was to provide an enjoyable experience that provided greater satisfaction and sustained the consumer to the next meal. When dissecting the brief and finding associations with memories, I thought of old analogue photographs. There is something more to them, they have stories and feelings attached to them. Testing User testing revealed that bigger biscuits were better for framing and value. Other positives saw users having a newfound curiosity for their environment and being present. ​ Lots of card and foam models were produced during development. Final testing was conducted on the perforation and opening of the packaging. Implement A great benefit to the product is its adaptability, in terms of use and biscuit design, giving endless possible versions. You can be up close or far away when you take the photos; the pack size can be increased for a group of people meeting for morning coffee or afternoon tea. The long-term vision for the product was to have different frame styles, flavours, colours and hashtags.

  • Blueprints: Book | Kirsty Patterson Portfolio

    Final Year Book Using elements seen throughout the year, and some new surprises, design the book as a souvenir for the cohort and an aid for visitors to the University and Final Showcase. Home Portfolio CV Contact Search More Evaluation The book was well received, with people impressed at the detail achieved. The notes section at the back meant students could write messages and well wishes for the future, further adding to the fun activities at the Final Showcase. Design Tags: Branding | Graphics | Publication Implement Once complete, I was invited to see the book being printed. It was exciting to see the plates being made, then the pages being rapidly printed with each colour. Context Under the direction of the Publication Managers, I created a large portion of the graphics seen using Adobe Illustrator. I produced 17 iterations of the front cover before reaching our final choice, with tweaks to content, layout and gradient. Then, combined the graphics for the inside cover to provide an overview of the contents inside. For each module, a new asset was chosen and made reflecting the module's theme. For example, the Human Factors module was assigned hands due to the ergonomic and interaction knowledge gained from attending the class. ​ In contrast to previous years, an exciting addition was highly detailed drawings of key elements relating to Brunel Design, printed onto semi-translucent paper, which was my responsibility.

  • 3rd mode | Kirsty Patterson Portfolio

    3rd mode Design a solution to assist the 2 million, and counting, population of coworkers in communicating their availability to colleagues in their shared workspace, to diminish disruptions and maintain positive work relationships. Home Portfolio CV Contact Search More Key Problem Coworking spaces’s most dissatisfactory elements are noise and distraction. Therefore, people tend to put a pair of headphones on. However, to the colleagues around, they can’t tell if an individual is casually listening to music and happy to be interrupted, or not to be disturbed. The headphones create a barrier in communication. Therefore the design opportunity was to transform communication between colleagues about their availability. Context Coworking spaces are rapidly gaining popularity due to their flexible rental contracts - ideal in these uncertain times. Using a hot desk service system, people occupy their space temporarily. With minimal items provided in the space and the inability to personalise, the challenge was to design a product that would fit seamlessly into this moving environment. Research Few competing devices already exist. Therefore, many parallel products were explored. From this exercise, I discovered products that tried to address multiple relevant aspects and critiqued them. ​ Out of the initial concepts ranging from desk lamps to shapeable chairs, the most suitable direction was a new headpiece that replaces the problem’s root. I also wanted a memorable user-product interaction to remember which mode is active, so I researched physical mechanisms for the indicator. Final Outcome The final design surpassed its competitors during concluding evaluations, and feedback from users was positive as they felt comforted and confident with the reduced distraction. ​ Pink PU Foam and ABS formed the aesthetic models using traditional methods, then spray painted and decaled to a high-quality finish. Finally, working models were 3D printed from PLA. ​ This project was exhibited at New Designers 2022 and has appeared on the Dezeen website . Development I needed to delve deeper into the physical form of privacy. Therefore opening and closing mechanisms were explored through sketches and low-fidelity models. ​ The favoured design was a slot that could be closed entirely or reveal a hollow insert to reflect openness when available. Design Tags: Industrial | Research | CAD | Prototyping | Model Making Initial Sketches After a round of hand sketching a headset to improve communication, user feedback suggested considering if the device could take another form, such as an accessory. Retrofitting is viable as headphones are a personal choice and often a significant investment. Hence, users are more likely to buy an addition than a new pair. Technical Design Each component was altered to meet anthropometric data, making the product physically ergonomic for the target user group. Specifications for injection moulding were then implemented considering the volume and expected value of the device. A complete product was drawn in SolidWorks with accompanying technical drawings and BoM. Bold Neutral Mono Personalisation Station Choose your look Made in Brunel (2022) Aesthetic Models. [fig.] From the library of Made in Brunel.

  • Fixperts | Kirsty Patterson Portfolio

    Wearable Hearing Aid Case As a team, work in partnership with someone in the community and design to resolve an issue for them. Home Portfolio CV Contact Search More Discover Our Fixpartner is named Benny and has been diagnosed with Bilateral Hearing Loss. He uses discrete hearing aids to help with day to day conversation. However the fact they are bespoke to his ear shape, small and expensive makes the possibility of losing them a frightening thought. Yet Benny removes his hearing aids when he is on a night out because the environment can temporarily paralyse his hair cells, making it more difficult to hear the next day. Define The case the Fixpartner already uses does hold the hearing aids. On the other hand, it does not have any fixings to attach it on his person. This causes difficulty if he needs to access his phone or his wallet from his pocket. Develop Designs looked at how the product could be on your person without being disruptive. Discovered through several interviews with Benny, he liked the idea of having a watch style case, therefore development looked at watches and bracelets to create a form. ​ The majority of development was carried out through modelling. Foam was used when involving the desired strap. Then rough 3D printed parts were used to determine size and orientation of the Hearing Aids. Finally finishes and materials were chosen to be most suitable for its application. Evaluation My role in the team heavily revolved around the documentation of the project. Other tasks I contributed to was editing and sketching. We worked well as a team because we were all self-starters so would get tasks done. Implement The final prototype was 3D printed and spray painted, with Apple watch straps. Benny's feedback included that "it feels how a normal watch would feel". This was a very positive outcome as it made him feel comfortable and confident to wear it. Design Tags: Prototyping | Videography | Fixperts | Bespoke

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