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Final Year Book

Using elements seen throughout the year, and some new surprises, design the book as a souvenir for the cohort and an aid for visitors to the University and Final Showcase.


The book was well received, with people impressed at the detail achieved. The notes section at the back meant students could write messages and well wishes for the future, further adding to the fun activities at the Final Showcase.

Design Tags:  Branding  |  Graphics  |  Publication


Once complete, I was invited to see the book being printed. It was exciting to see the plates being made, then the pages being rapidly printed with each colour.


Under the direction of the Publication Managers, I created a large portion of the graphics seen using Adobe Illustrator.


I produced 17 iterations of the front cover before reaching our final choice, with tweaks to content, layout and gradient. Then, combined the graphics for the inside cover to provide an overview of the contents inside.

For each module, a new asset was chosen and made reflecting the module's theme. For example, the Human Factors module was assigned hands due to the ergonomic and interaction knowledge gained from attending the class.

In contrast to previous years, an exciting addition was highly detailed drawings of key elements relating to Brunel Design, printed onto semi-translucent paper, which was my responsibility.

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