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The brief set, by pladis Global, was to design a new biscuit product and packaging for 16-24 year olds to socially connect and engage in making memorable experiences.


I was originally inspired by Slide Cube Projectors as an interesting way to dispense biscuits and cues for conversation. However, it was during a brainstorm that it clicked: how about looking through the biscuit?

Once this was decided as the critical interaction, the key was to use as little design as possible. The packaging needed to be designed as a device to explain the biscuit’s stand-out attribute, therefore a window was added to the front and back.


At the end of the project, it was selected and presented to pladis representatives. Feedback from them can be seen right.

This was great experience in developing a product in collaboration with the client.

“Really different and clever and can picture it all over insta”
“The user centricity and how holistically the idea was considered [sparked my interest]”

Design Tags:  Packaging |  CAD |  Prototyping


I conducted research to see if retro technology would connect with the target age group. Clothing, advertisements and products are all recalling past fashions with success. The deemed ‘soulless’ digital media means nostalgia humanises a brand and brings a smile to the user. Therefore would be appropriate to apply.


One of the causes of childhood obesity is oversnacking. Most young people do it to satisfy hunger, others to cheer themselves up. However, fewer hormones are released that make you hungry if you are generally well and happy. Therefore the design opportunity was to provide an enjoyable experience that provided greater satisfaction and sustained the consumer to the next meal.

When dissecting the brief and finding associations with memories, I thought of old analogue photographs. There is something more to them, they have stories and feelings attached to them.


User testing revealed that bigger biscuits were better for framing and value. Other positives saw users having a newfound curiosity for their environment and being present.

Lots of card and foam models were produced during development. Final testing was conducted on the perforation and opening of the packaging.


A great benefit to the product is its adaptability, in terms of use and biscuit design, giving endless possible versions. You can be up close or far away when you take the photos; the pack size can be increased for a group of people meeting for morning coffee or afternoon tea. The long-term vision for the product was to have different frame styles, flavours, colours and hashtags.

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