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Silver Lining

Design a Lamp for children for using in the home.


I wanted to use Hanging Mobiles as inspiration, which led to the work of Michael Anastassiades. His designs have a weightlessness, which I wanted to apply to my work.

Often Clouds are used to decorate Children’s rooms, which is the inspiration for the theme, while the raindrops were included for a playful interaction.


Developments focused around the Cloud’s, the Raindrops’ and Arch’s form. Even though the design moved away from Anastassiades’ style, the Rainbow was key to having a more child-friendly aesthetic.

To increase user interaction, a physical mechanism was added to change the colour of the light. The favoured design was to have a rotating layer in the base with different colour lenses, which was tested through Foam and Card Modelling.


If I were to do this project again, I would want to reduce the thickness of the base and find a more effective way for the layers to rotate. However, I think the product does well to bring some fun to a space.

Design Tags:  Lighting | CAD |  Card and Foam Modelling


The project involved making a working prototype. Therefore each part was modelled in SolidWorks. Dimension and GA drawings were generated, as well as a Bill of Materials. Manufacturing processes included 3D printing, soldering, lasercutting, as well as manual processes.

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