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Design a product that resolves something that bugs you, and then develop many brand aspects revolving around the product.


As a Diabetic, the advice is to weigh out your food so you can calculate the amount of Carbohydrates. However, depending on the size of the bowl, it can appear a tiny portion.

Brand Language

The target user group was considered on many levels, including their wants and the intended emotion to evoke.

The Brand Statement included "Individuality, Energy and Commitment". 

Each bowl is unique to the customer. With personalisation in the text, and the adjustable zip, customers can get the perfect portion for them.

With bold, youthful branding, the customer will feel energised for the day. While good customer service and a jovial staff ethos in the stores will always make customer’s feel welcome.

The promise is to provide fully functioning products that last. If the customer is not satisfied with their product, saywhen. will do our best to resolve the issue and learn for the future.


Since the project, I felt the packaging could have better considered the form of the product. Therefore I used cylindrical Cardboard packaging which has greater links to the pattern and details to match.

Also, I could have pushed the visual language even further with bolder choices of pattern or colour scheme.

Design Tags:  Branding  |  Graphics  |  Packaging  |  CAD  |  Card Modelling


Having produced all the necessary elements, I produced a Brand Book with all the do’s and don’ts. Then by using my Retail experience, I designed Planograms and Shop Fronts to best display the product.

Core Product

Therefore, I designed a bowl that adapted to your portion size by having a zip that ran round the side. This is a purely fictional product, and the majority of the task was in relation to the Branding and CAD Rendering.

Visual Language

Rather than going down the traditional medical aesthetic of a clinical, blue and white brand, I was keen to bring a youthful, energetic feeling. For patterns and overall brand aesthetic, I took inspiration from current Sports Wear trends, as well as modern Homeware brands such as Bornn. In terms of the colour scheme, I researched the meanings related to colour.

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