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Model Making for Architecture Summary

Model Making for Architecture 

Short Course


For many years I have wanted to make architectural models due to the beauty of their complexity. 

I finally had the opportunity to fulfil this dream by studying a short course at ual at their Central Saint Martin's College.

Each day consisted of a lecture, model making then presenting to the class.

Façade Model

The exercise was to make us think about the process of building construction.


First the core structure and any support is built, then embellishments like windows and cladding are added later.

Day 1 - 1:50

Detail Model

My aim for the day was precision and simplification. Each step had a 5mm tread depth, so I used one piece of scored and folded paper (combined with cardboard, celled polypropylene and dowel) which resulted in a stable set of steps.

Day 2 - 1:50

Topographical Model - 1

The exercise was to construct the local context that a building would sit.

A contour map was used as a template. Each contour line represents a 1 metre change in height, so each layer at this scale was 10mm tall.

I wanted this model to be structurally strong, so cut cardboard 'against the grain' and created support structures between every layer.

Day 3 - 1:100