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Design for Manufacture

Using another team member’s Speaker design, look at every aspect in preparing the design for Mass Manufacture.


Aspects required for inspection included Costings, Materials and Manufacturing Processes, as well as meeting Safety specifications.

The team task was broken down into three main sections over nine weeks: getting to know the every member, their characteristics and choosing the Speaker Design; process and material selection; then documentation.

My Role

My role in the team was to produce the CAD files for Aesthetic and Technical Models. As the other team members carried out research in the different fields (processes, costings etc.) I worked with each of them to translate their findings into the design. During the file production, I had to make some of the key design decisions. 


The main challenge was making the part have uniform thickness in preparation for Injection Moulding. This meant the Point was removed. As an added benefit, the change made the product safer. The design of the moulds and their movement meant features were added to indicate these considerations - such as the Parting Line.


After another team member carried out ANSYS Simulations, I adapted the design to reduce internal stresses. These changes included adding a Rib down the back, and fillets along the edges. Finally, Ejector Pin Marks were added.


This same method of breaking down each part according to the Manufacturing Process was carried out on all the parts. Several iterations were carried out, especially when the Manufacturing Processes were changed midway through or feedback was given from Manufacturers. The result was a complete Assembly in SolidWorks.


The dynamic of the team was harmonious as we all wanted to work hard. If we found a loose end, we were eager to sort it out. The team included Industrial Designers and Product Design Engineers as well as consultations with Technicians. I often took the lead on meetings to keep discussions focused and confirm people's tasks. Overall, it was a successful project.

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