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Clio Speaker

Design a speaker that fits into the home.


I discovered by looking at existing speaker's on the market, that few felt artisanal and truly part of the home.

This observation was mostly down to the materials used. Most had a matte black, plastic outer casing and a grill over the speaker. One of the few exceptions being Bang & Olufsen who exhibited timber. People often have pictures, art or even trinkets in their home. Therefore, I decided to have Pottery as the defining feature of the speaker.


Initial ideas looked at having a physical barrier to prevent sound wave transmission. However, testing proved on this size, that there was little audible difference. Therefore, attention moved to incorporating electrical components to have a similar user interaction, but a greater effect on the volume. By having a channel running down the side, wires could connect to potentiometer at the top, to the circuitry in the base.


If I were to do the project differently, I would push the form to be more visually interesting.

Design Tags:  Industrial | CAD |  Card and Foam Modelling


Clio's main feature revolves around Acoustic Lens Technology (created by Bang & Olufsen) which evenly distributes sound in all directions. The Lens is made from Pottery Clay because the material is dimensionally stable. This will perfectly reflect the sound, and is inkeeping with other pieces of art in the home.

The Ash features add to the artisanal feel of the product, as well as flexing with the varying pressure caused by the movement of the speaker. The Volume Dial (at the top) is comfortable in the hand and represents the rim of a vase.

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