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Final Showcase

Final Showcase

Made in Brunel hosts a showcase at the end of each year to exhibit work primarily from final-year students. The event was held at the OXO Tower Bargehouse, following tradition.

Design Tags:  Branding  |  Graphics  |  Signmaking

Main Wall Graphic

Using my experience from placement year, I knew graphics on the wall needed to fill the space to have an impact. The iconic Lecture Centre seemed a perfect choice to link to Brunel University. I simplified the drawing to make it suitable for vinyl cutting by removing excess and correctly finishing lines.

Floor Vinyls

Taking direction from team colleagues, I was asked to produce 1:1 assets for objects painted blue around the room, which would lie on the floor. This selection included a Panton Chair and a push bike. I efficiently created the items from photos and measurements using Adobe Illustrator skills.

Colouring Wall

To add interactivity to the exhibition, I created a colouring wall using assets from throughout the year. Considering the positioning of each design, I pieced together the puzzle of assets with popular items, such as the Brunel Statue on campus, taking a prime spot.

Extra Contributions

Following the printer's visit, I requested that the printing plates be part of the exhibition as their white and blue combination felt in keeping with Blueprints' visual and part of the story of how the book came together.

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