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Every year merchandise is designed to promote the new sub brand. Along with my colleague, we decided on a range of products including Pin Badges, Lanyards and Stickers.


Once complete, designs were sent off to the relevant manufacturer and applicator, then delivered to be sold at our shows.


Each item looked professional and , with people impressed at the detail achieved. The notes section at the back meant students could write messages and well wishes for the future, further adding to the fun activities at the Final Showcase.

Design Tags:  Branding  |  Graphics  |  Merchandise


Each item was pitched to the team and workshopped. I then collected this information and generated several variations on Adobe Illustrator.


Lets focus in on the posters. Starting with Blue details on a White background, this would have the most basic elements from the brand implemented. Each stage then adds more elements from the brand, including the gradient then grid. Furthermore, actual dimensions were added to make them feel even more special.

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