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Core Brand

The brief was to devise a sub-brand for Made in Brunel 2022 that reflected our year group. It is core to how each final year defines itself from the rest and sets the tone for everything that follows.


Together with my fellow Branding Manager, we ran Branding Workshops to better understand what the brand would represent. Analysing previous sub-brands meant we could see what worked and get a feel of what the team wanted to achieve and portray.


After researching various name routes, we came across the term Blueprints. There were many interpretations of how Blueprints could represent our cohort.


​We also knew it had large amounts of potential as its distinctive elements make for a strong visual impact.

The key meanings behind the brand were:

  • Blueprints have moved with the times, as have we. Now technical drawings are produced on computers. Their quality and detail have not been lost in this transition, nor have our technical competencies or skills as Brunel Designers.

  • Blueprints are mass-produced with standard symbols and structures, reflecting us as good communicators of ideas.

  • They also represent the culmination of the process and hard work to reach final designs, so they reflect our own journeys and growth while studying at Brunel University London.


The evening was a great success with large volumes of positive feedback regarding the brand and room. It was exciting to see it come to reality and everyone enjoy their time.

Design Tags:  Branding  |  Graphics  |  Signmaking


Now the key elements had been decided, it was time to apply it to the Brand Launch. The team wanted to make an impact on the first in-person Launch since before the pandemic. This motivation meant creating an immersive Brand Room, including blue lighting, sociable areas and activities.

My main contribution was designing the elements and carrying out the photography for the walk around installation. Using knowledge from my placement, I chose cap heights for easy reading.


Made in Brunel is a student-led programme which gives an opportunity for final year students to showcase their talents before heading into industry. A team is selected each year to carry out tasks, in which I was appointed Brand Manager.

Different brands-02.png


The central blue was chosen to match the original blueprints produced closely. Secondary colours were chosen to compliment the rich tone, and follow current trends in design.

Core values were chosen by refining down keywords the team selected, which felt represented us. I then remembered how materials have different hatching patterns for cross-sections in technical drawings. Knowing this could be an excellent basis for future graphical elements, I suggested that the patterns should be paired with our values.

To appreciate their complexity, other assets would be technical drawings of iconic designs and everyday objects.

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